The Exclusive Nicki Minaj Sex Tape

It has been loud about Nicki Minaj again. This time not only the rumour was rather spicy. The famous rapper caused search engines to go crazy when curious fans (and not only fans) from all over the world started to search one phrase: Nicki Minaj sex tape.

Could this be real that the attractive MC showed herself on camera during some intimate moments with another man? It is still hard to say whether the rumours are true or not. The celebrity herself doesn’t seem eager to give a clear confirming or negating answer. All the fans can do now, is to speculate.


Young and Stupid?

There are two actual alleged Nicki Minaj sex tapes (watch them here). First of them was revealed quite a while ago. It’s supposed to be what some would call mistakes of the youth. During the video lasting over twenty minutes, a woman looking really alike with Nicki Minaj is shown during a sexual intercourse with a white man. The incredible resemblance between the actress in the tape and the famous MC caused people to state firmly: Nicki Minaj has a sex tape!


When asked to comment on the situation, the rapper avoided answering openly.. She did confirm, however, that she used to lack money in the days before she got famous. To whether she did have a sex tape, she answered vaguely with “maybe.”

Friends with benefits?

The second Nicki Minaj sex tape was supposed to be made together with her close friend and rapper, Lil Wayne. The relations of two are often a source for rumours about whether they are indeed only friends. It is a fact that Lil Wayne and Nicki Minaj know each other for years and maintain a very close relation. It is hard to determine if there is something more to their friendship.

Just as in the case of the previous sex tape, Nicki Minaj doesn’t clear things up. Without elaborating on the subject, she stated briefly that her and Lil Wayne feel comfortable doing different things together.


Sex Tapes & Attention

Whether there was or wasn’t a Nicki Minaj sex tape, the shots were fired. The MC once more attracted a lot of attention and without a doubt her vague answers are meant to keep it going. Without giving a direct answer, Nicki Minaj teases her fans and haters alike.

All the showbusiness lovers won’t have any problems in noticing that the rapper evidently is familiar with what the theory that an ongoing scandal is better than no scandal at all. And we will probably never know the truth whether her sex tapes are real.


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