Paris Hilton’s Sex Video

Paris Hilton’s pornographic video was released in 2004 and is still available to view today. The scandalous treasure is called¬†1 Night in Paris, and it was a hit sensation when it first came out before her reality show The Simple Life! ¬†The lucky man in the video was Rick Salomon and it was recorded in 2001 – it is believed that it was not intended for release, but then Mr. Salomon decided to leak the footage to the media.

Hilton came out to the public and stated that she did not approve of the release and that she was “out of it” during the whole ordeal. Salomon then sued Paris for defamation and then Paris counter-sued him back for releasing the tape without her consent. They ended up settling out of court and Hilton was awarded $400,000 and donated some of the money to charity.

Recently Paris said in an interview that she never received a “dime” for the video and that she thinks Rick should give the money to the “sexually abused” for charity. She also stated that she doesn’t even think about it anymore.



Rick Salamon: