Kim Kardashian’s Sex Tape: “Kim K Superstar”

Kim Kardashian is widely known these days for her stunning looks, curvy body, big booty, and her reality TV show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, but not many know the sex tape scandal that helped her get her start in the entertainment industry…

Once upon a time, Kim K was just a Los Angeles girl who came from a wealthy family (her dad was the late Robert Kardashian who was O.J. Simpson’s attorney and friend). The beautiful brunette had enormous dreams to become a celebrity in the fashion industry and therefore she started an organizing closet business for the famous. One of her clients was socialite Paris Hilton, who soon became her best friend.

Paris gave Kim a taste of the high-life and took her all around the world as her traveling buddy and stylist. They went to clubs together and all sorts of lavish events. The public started to wonder, who is this sexy woman that is hanging around Hilton these days? Kim slowly but surely started appearing in the tabloids.

So when did the amateur adult film idea occur? Well, the story allegedly goes that Paris pushed Kimberly to make a tape (just like she did back in 2004). She convinced her that she would get enough exposure to be offered a reality TV show if she made one and that she could make lots of money from the video…

At the time, Kimmy was dating the R&B singer Ray J and he was all about making the tape when he heard about the idea. Finally, Kim gave into peer pressure from her BFF and boyfriend to create the naughty film. She collaborated with Vivid Entertainment to invent a story that the footage was “leaked” and to this day it is the most-watched adult film that has ever been made. She made millions of dollars and the rest is history…..

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