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Jennifer Lawrence nude
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Jennifer Lawrence had her personal nude photos leaked on the Internet that fateful day August 31, 2014. The photos appeared on the Internet after they were shared by a user on 4chan. The leaked photos were naked images of high profile actors, singers, presenters and models. The hacking has been linked to the Apple iCloud service. The photos were reportedly accessed due to an iCloud leak that enabled the hacking of celebrities’ accounts to take place. Dozens of photos were posted to 4chan and the users claimed to have more explicit photos which they were willing to upload in exchange for payments.  Several social media sites, such as Reddit, were quick to ban posting of the photos and videos, but their efforts were in vain. Apple had by then declined to comment on the issue.

Jennifer is now breaking the silence over the issue. She talks about the “sexual violence” that she and other celebrities have had to endure. She told Vanity Fair that “this act of leaking nude photos of her is not a scandal and should be considered as sex crime.” She termed the act as disgusting and suggested that the law needs to be changed. According to her, the fact that someone can be sexually violated and exploited and someone stands to make a profit from it is unbelievable!

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During that time when the photos were being hacked, her representative released a statement that condemned the leak but Lawrence remained silent on the scandal. Her explanation for the silence was that every single time she tried to write something, she would either get angry or she would cry about it. She did try to write an apology but found no reason to be apologetic. According to her, she was in a healthy and loving long distance relationship and is now wondering if her boyfriend is going to look at porn or is going to look at her.  Little does she know, her boyfriend already looked at porn regularly — he just told her he didn’t!

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Jennifer definitely had something to say to those that peeked at the leaked nude photos, saying “anyone who looked at those photos is perpetuating a sexual offense and you should cover with shame.” She is offended by people who she knows and loves who have told her that they looked at the photos. But the most difficult part of the scandal was trying to figure out what to tell her family which according to her “was more difficult than figuring out what to say to the public.

For now she is recovering from the negative effect of the scandal. She says that time has helped her heal her pain. She is no longer crying about the issue and refuses to stay angry over the issue. She further adds that she can’t let her happiness be dependent on justice being brought to the people who leaked the photos because that might never happen but instead is focused in finding her own peace.

Apple together with the FBI did respond to the issue of Jennifer Lawrence nude photo leak along with the photos of other celebrities that were also leaked. The FBI in a statement said that it is aware of the hacking allegation and is addressing the issue. What the agency did not reveal was the steps they were taking to investigate who leaked the nude photos of Lawrence. Apple said it was also looking into whether the iCloud had been hacked to obtain the photos. Apple spokeswoman Natalie Kerris said in a statement that “we take the privacy of our users seriously and we are thoroughly investigating these reports.”

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Hacking of celebrities photos has become widespread. Some cyber security experts guessed that the hackers might have exploited a weakness in the online image storing platform. Ken Westin who is a security researcher in a blog said that it is important for people to remember that data and images no longer only reside on the devices that captured it. He further added that once the photos or data are uploaded to the cloud, we have limited control over who accesses it even if it is private.

For Jennifer Lawrence, all she wants is to find her own peace and happiness and does not want to get caught up with anger over nude photos of her that were leaked. Whether the perpetrators of this act get arrested or not, she is still determined to rise above the scandal and stay positive.

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